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Insurance For College Students

Congratulations! Your child is officially heading off to college. This is an exciting time as they prepare to make lifelong memories with friends, continue their studies, and pursue their dreams. 

Your college-bound student may play sports or games with their peers, join academic clubs or social organizations, and attend several types of events or activities, both on and off campus.

As parents, we know you’re proud of your child and excited to watch them mature as they gain independence living on their own for the first time. Our team at Eckroth Insurance Group understands that you want to ensure your child and their personal belongings are well taken care of while they’re away from home.

Gain Peace of Mind with Insurance for College Students

With the right types of insurance coverage, you can have peace of mind knowing your child and their personal belongings are protected in the event of an unexpected situation. 

Insurance can help cover their medical expenses if an accident occurs while biking around campus, playing sports, or even exploring the city’s local shops and restaurants. Without the added stress of paying expensive medical bills, your student can focus on getting back on their feet and back to their studies if they do incur an injury. 

And since college campuses can be susceptible to theft or property damage, insurance can also cover the repairs or replacements of your child’s personal belongings, including their laptop, smartphone, bike, clothing, and furniture, should something happen to them. 

At Eckroth Insurance Group, we are here to help give you peace of mind and determine the types of insurance coverage that will best protect your child and their personal belongings while they are away at college.

Common Types Of Insurance for College Students

While your child has unique hobbies, personal belongings, and insurance needs, some factors hold true for every college student. You can click on any of the types of policies listed below to determine whether your child could benefit from that coverage.

At Eckroth Insurance Group, we’re here to discuss the individual needs of your child and your family. As independent insurance agents local to Philadelphia, we’re experienced in creating sensible and affordable insurance plans for college students that will suit your child’s needs and your budget.

The Right Coverage for Your College Student

With several types of insurance available to protect college students and their personal belongings, it can be challenging to know which coverages are most relevant for your child, your family, and your budget.

As independent insurance agents, our team can offer you quotes from multiple highly rated providers, so you have the opportunity to compare costs and levels of protection. When purchasing insurance through an independent agency like Eckroth Insurance Group, you have the benefit of working with a local agent who gets to know you and helps you make informed decisions about the types of insurance that are right for your family.

Ready to send your child off to college with peace of mind?

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